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Research fields

The main research fields of JDL include: audio-video coding/decodingˇˇtechnologies, content-based information retrieval from mass multimedia data, Biometrics, intelligent human-computer interaction, and applied algorithms. Currently, several projects from the National "973" Programme, the National Fund of Sciences, the National Hi-Tech R&D Programme (863), the Key Technologies R&D Programme, and the Knowledge Innovation Program of Chinese Academy of Sciences, are being studied in the lab. JDL have not only accumulated solid research foundation in self-field, but also enhance the subject crossing to extend to the assistance research in being science.

Audio Video Coding Technology

  Video Encoding Technology with High Efficiency
  HRD and Rate Control Technique
  Coding Optimization Technique
  Designing of MPEG chip
Digital Media Understanding
  Semantic Extraction, Indexing and Retrieval of Multimedia
  Image Classification and Filtration
  China-America Digital Academic Library
  Educational Resource Management
Applied Algorithmics
  High Performance Switching
Multimodal Interaction
  Face Detecting and Tracking
  Face Identification and Verification
  Face Database and Evaluating
  Chinese Sign Language Recognition
  Chinese Sign Language Synthesis

Research Fruits ( Top )

ˇóˇˇMulti-functional perceptual technology - static image compression technology
ˇóˇˇMulti-functional perceptual technology - finger language automatic translation and virtual human synthesizing
ˇóˇˇCompunicator research and development with the combination of computer, communication and household electronic device (1)
ˇóˇˇCompunicator research and development with the combination of computer, communication and household electronic device (2) - key technology of terminal system protocol of post-PC timesˇˇˇˇˇˇˇˇ
ˇóˇˇCompunicator Technology - Integration of Personal Computing and Mobile Computing Technologies
ˇóˇˇDigital video broadcasting, transmission and receiving system
ˇóˇˇKey technology for face detection and recognition

Patents & Copyright of Softwares ( Top )

Software name
Register number
Chinese character input application software on compunicator palm personal computer 980519
Compunicator digital video catpuring and conversion software 2000SR0459
Compunicator video server software 2000SR0460
Nonlinear editting system based on MPEG-2 stream 2000SR2130
Compunicator MPEG-2 video and audio stream player 2000SR2131
Compunicator smart card distribution system 2000SR2400
Compunicator conditional digital receiving system 2000SR2600
Compunicator smart card application system for chargeable TV 2000SR2601
Platform independent Compunicator conditional digital receiving system 2001SR3655
Compunicator DVB stream multiplexer application software 2001SR3656
Compunicator conditional receiving system for user management 2000SR2399
12 IMedia software kit for resource precessing platform of digital library 2003SR1426
13 Erotic image filtering software 2003SR3396
14 Knowledge-based intelligent network resource analysis tool 2003SR5216
15 Smart analytical tool for network resource based on knowledge 2003SR5216
16 IP/TS Gateway System 2003SR8440
17 Distributed TCP Performance Enhancement Gateways for Satellite Networks 2003SR8441

Proteomics Research Based on Information Technology (Project List) ˇˇˇˇ
The project is a knowledge innovation project of Chinese Academic Science, a Proteomics research on fatal diseases of human is one of the biggest national demands. The research on theoretical models and algorithms of bioinformatic techniques for the problems of protein identification, 3D protein structure analysis and function prediction in current proteomics is of great theoretical significance and practical importance. This national "973" program project aims at investigating various mathematic models and algorithms to establish bioinformatic technology platform for proteomics research, employing novel computational methods and techniques to develop high-throughput and accurate protein identification and protein 3D structure analysis software system, assisting biologists to identify new proteins and analyze their structures and functions, and establishing protein databank system. The goal of the project is to develop new methods for high-throughput and accurate protein identification via mass spectrometry and create relative software system on the internationally advanced level. Novel algorithms for protein 3D structure recognition and analysis will be proposed along with relative software system. A protein databank system with the combined functions of data management, search and visualization will also be established.

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