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On March 20, 2003 Beijing held the Chinese Sign Language Synthesis donation ceremony

On the morning of March 20, 2003 the donation ceremony of the Chinese Sign Language Synthesis System developed by the project team guided by Professor Wen Gao, was held in Beijing. The Institute of Computing Science of Chinese Academy of Science has donated the Chinese Sign Language Synthesis System software, valued of more than 10 million Yuan (RMB), for 1310 Deaf Schools in China. The donated system is used in Chinese sign language teaching to well serve the society, and contributes to deaf educational information. On behalf of all deaf schools in China, 8 Deaf Schools in Beijing accepted the donation at the donating ceremony presided by Director Xie Jingren from the Foundation Department of Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China. Professor Gao from the Institute of Computing Technology, CAS, briefly introduced the system, and his colleagues Deputy-Director General Xu Zhiwei, Vice-Director General Li Tianshun from the Fundamental Education, and Deputy Director Tan Shufeng from the Education Department Handicapped Association of China gave speeches that addressed a positive evaluation about the system's function and popularized Chinese Sign Language in Deaf population, and highly praised the spirit for taking care of puny population and using advanced technology results. Director Xiao Lianhua from the Computer Section of Information Department of China Foundation, Deputy Director Liao Wancai from the Beijing Education Committee, Deputy Director Zhou Demao from the Fundamental Education and other authorities attended the ceremony.

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