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Important Breakthrough of State ¡°863¡± plan project-Face Image Recognition technology used in 16th Party Congress

The "Face detection and Recognition Core Technology" created by scientists of the Institute of Computing Technology of Chinese Academy Science has been used in the People¡¯s Great Hall, a meeting place just concluded 16th Party Congress, and using computer integrated technology system have successfully realized that technology can automatically confirm the attendees identification. The result is a great contribution for developing strategy on the research and production field by the Institute of Computing Technology, an important result obtained by innovating engineering of Chinese Academy Science, and also another important breakthrough of state "863" plan.

The "Face decetion and Recognition Core Technology" has been confirm by technical appraisal organized by Chinese Academy Science on Beijing dated of November 26, 2002. The research result has accomplished great progress in the technical core fields of face detection, face character adoption and identity recognition, and has been practically used, and win the reputation of a leading level in domestic and advantage in abroad. Among them, the face detection combined with face picture light technology of subspace recognition and face image recognition and confirmation technology based on space judgment and analyzing have reached to the international leading level. Human image biology character recognition technology including face detction is a recent year developed computer safe technology. Human image character recognition technology relies on human image's biology character (face image, finger mark, palm mark, retina, iris, signature, sound and etc.) or behavior character, and use picture treatment and model recognition technology to obtain identity confirmation and recognition. Human image biology character technology mainly covers image recognition, finger mark recognition, palm mark recognition, iris recognition, signature, retina and sound recognition. Face image recognition technology is a easiest secrete usage recognition technology and one of the most recognition technology way and tackle key problem in international fight against terror recent year.

Face image technology has wide and special usage in the field of national important section and social safety area. For example, security monitor, jail monitor, judicatory identification, civil aviation safety detection, entrance and exit control. customs inspection, bank send under escort, intelligent identification, intelligent video monitor, intelligent access control, intelligent entrance and exit control, driver license examination, and holder of bank card, credit card, finance card, saving certificate, social security, identity certification and etc.

The strategic target of the Institute of Computing Technology is becoming a head in the field of computer science and resources of IT key technology in China, and play an important role for accomplishing state's important research task in recent history and unchangeable role in the production chain. The Institute of Computing Technology has made great contributions and guidance for enhancing state comprehensive force and enterprises span development, and run school by a open way, built up a joint lab cooperated with influenced research institute and enterprises and serve for production by key commonness technology. The Institute of Computing Technology joint with Shanghai IS' Vision Co.; LTD. established a face image recognition unit lab, which incubate technology by Institute of Computing Technology and enterprises, radiate technical result, improve technical level of information enterprises in our country, and incarnate the idea for stimulating local area's economic development.

13 experts organized a appraisal committee, including 6 academicians, well-known scientists and experts of scientific management, director of the appraisal committee, Academician Wang Chen from Academicians of the Chinese Academy of Science, vice-director, Researcher Tan Tieniu, Superintend of Automation Institute of Chinese Science Academy, committee including Researcher LIU Wen, Council of Criminal Science and Technology Association in China, Researcher Li Runshen, Police Ministry Science and Technology Committee and other experts in China.

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